• Agile Munich 2018 - An Agile Transformation Conference

    Agile Munich 2018

    Leading your Agile Transformation

    25-27 April | Münchner Künstlerhaus


    Scrum is implemented. Scaling is a hot topic in your company. But these are just a few pieces of your Agile Transformation puzzle. Let’s explore together what you can do as a Leader. Learn from the visionairs and peer companies.


    • April 25 | Warm-Up evening (optional)
    • April 26 | Conference, Open Space & Workshops
    • April 27 | Master Classes (optional)




    BMW | ZALANDO | Sipgate | SPOTIFY | ING BANK | The list keeps growing...

    Jeff Sutherland

    Jeff Patton

    Veteran Product Manager, Agile, Lean, UX and Product Design Evangelist


    Jeff Patton is the glue that connects good product management and strategy, lean user experience and agile delivery practices together. He has authored numerous articles, essays and, most recently, a book, “User Story Mapping.” An independent consultant with a unique teaching and speaking style, he uses hand-drawings and engaging story telling to share his passion for product design.


    Jeff's talk is considered as one of the puzzle pieces within your Agile Transformation. 

    Jurgen Appelo

    Deborah Hartmann Preuss

    Coaching change leaders, holding space for change.


    Abstract for Deb's talk: 'Holding space for change'.


    Leading change can be stressful, the workplace a conflicted cacophony of mixed messages. Policy, gossip, power, tradition, habit, fears and expectations count as much as, or more than, anything you'll say. Amidst all this noise, how can you show up with confidence, and remain a tireless breeze of fresh air that inspires new growth?


    New practices can help, but the real magic lies in making room for the new ways to take root - facilitators call it "holding space." In fact, most agile practices are designed to "hold space" for change ... but if your own style closes down that space, for yourself and for others, then agile practices are neutered.


    Deborah will show how change models, from Lao Tse to Satir to Ulab, offer us ways to show up confidently and congruently to inspire courageous change in the workplace. The good news is that holding space starts inside you. You can start right away, and you'll enjoy it.


    Yet another puzzle of your Agile Transformation. Soulful work inspires!

    Niels Pflaeging

    Niels Pflaeging

    Niels Pflaeging is a passionate and thoughtful advocate for a new breed of leadership and profound change in organizations. He is an acclaimed speaker and author of several books, a co-founder and associate of the BetaCodex Network, and president of his own consulting firm based in New York and Wiesbaden.


    Management is the main blocker for your Agile Transformation. Leaders - Wake up!

    Leonoor Koomen

    Leonoor Koomen considers herself an optimistic Agilist, she invites both leaders and coaches all over the world to set steps on their agile journey.


    The ING Bank is going under a tremendous courageous transformation. Without this transformation, the bank believes they can not survive. A unique opportunity for every company to learn from ING's Agile Transformation.


    Many pieces of the Agile Transformation puzzle are to found here.

    Agile Amstyerdam 2017 - An Agile Leadership Conference. Jurriaan Kamer

    Jurriaan Kamer

    Jurriaan Kamer is a very talented and inspiring leader. He is the owner of Agile CIO and has led many organizations through their Agile Transformation.


    We are very proud to present Jurriaan at this event. You just have to witness his ever so inspiring talk about “Lessons from Formula 1: Organizing for agility and innovation”


    Formula 1 teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW and Red Bull have agile in their DNA which allow them to innovate rapidly and compete in a fast-changing, turbulent and highly regulated environment.


    Want to lead your Agile Transformation? Be there!

  • Leading your Agile Transformation

    It sounds so easy. Let's just do it.

    But where to start? What are the lessons learned? Which partners can assist?

    How does an Agile Transformation look like?

    So many questions. And so many answers

    Learn from the visionairs and peer companies. Build out your network.

    It is time to find the right questions and the right answers.


    Agile Munich 2018 helps you to complete your Agile Transformation puzzle.


    Our typical participants are today's leaders, managers, directors and board members, but also for those interacting with the leaders (e.g. Architects, Product Owners, Product Management, Portfolio Management).


    This event is topnotch in every way thinkable.

    Top reasons to attend

    • Better than any formal training. We write tomorrow's training curriculums.
    • The best speakers in the field of Agile Transformation.
    • Learn from respectable companies such as BMW and Zalando. How do they do it?
    • Unique Warm-Up with Spotify and Jeff Patton. 
    • Highly engaging workshop with Niels Pflaeging. 
    • Individual coaching sessions by Deborah Hartmann Preuss.
    • Possibility to reserve a seat at a specific lunch table with some of the Speakers.
    • Intense interaction with the speakers and companies in the afternoon Open Space.
    • An subsequent Master Class to deepen your Agile Transformation Leadership skills.
    • Fun. Hands-on. Interactive.
    • An inspiring venue. The Münchner Künstlerhaus is unique in every way.
    • An impeccably organized event. No sponsorship of companies. This is a pure Agile event.
    • And multi lingual. Besides German, we acknowledge that companies operate WorldWide.
    • Munich. Enjoy the city. We can assist.
  • Speakers on Agile Munich 2018

    We have selected the most respected speakers related to Agile Transformation. Stay tuned as the list is growing.

    Please also note that the speaker list is not fully confirmed yet.

    Jeff Patton

    Jeff Patton

    Agile Evangelist

    Jeff Patton helps companies adopt a way of working that’s focused on building great products, not just building stuff faster. Jeff blends a mixture of Agile thinking, Lean and Lean Startup Thinking, and UX Design and Design Thinking to end up with a holistic product-centric way of working.

    Marcin Floryan

    Joakim Sunden

    Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Teacher at Crisp

    Consultant at Crisp, helping leaders, organizations and people develop to deliver more customer value faster. 2011-2017 I worked as an agile coach at Spotify where I worked with management teams, leaders and delivery teams to develop people, increase employee engagement, and build better products faster.

    Leonoor Koomen

    Leonoor Koomen

    Lead Agile Enterprise Coach ING

    Leonoor Koomen is an optimistic Agilist and invites leaders and coaches all over the world to set steps on their agile transformation.

    Niels Pflaeging

    Niels Pflaeging

    Agile Forward Thinker

    Niels Pflaeging is a passionate and thoughtful advocate for a new breed of Agile Transformational leadership and profound change in organizations.

    Marcus Raitner

    Marcus Raitner

    Agile Coach at BMW Group

    Marcus Raitner works as an agile transformation agent and agile coach at BMW Group IT. For more than seven years he has been writing about leadership, agility, new work, digitization and much more in his blog „Führung erfahren!“

    Deborah Hartmann Preuss

    Deborah Hartmann Preuss

    Rhymes with Rejoice!

    Deb shifts workplaces by helping key influencers bring more joy and impact. She's an ICF certified Co-Active life coach, working one-on-one with change leaders and coaches worldwide via phone and internet, in three languages, at abiggergame.today .

    Jochen Krebs

    Jochen Krebs

    Agile Transformation Leadership & Portfolio Management

    Jochen Krebs is an accomplished Agile mentor and instructor. He is the founder of Incrementor, an Agile Transformation services company. Jochen will share many good Agile Transformation practices.

    Lauri Apple

    Lauri Apple

    Senior Program Manager at Workday (previously working at Zalando)

    Lauri leads agile development initiatives with Workday's public cloud teams and works to improve developer effectiveness. She's also an active member of the Kubernetes community and an ambassador with Red Hat's Open Organizations Ambassadors program.

    Jurriaan Kamer

    Jurriaan Kamer

    Organization Designer at The Ready

    Jurriaan has an amazing story to share about lessons learned from F1 Racing. What can we learn from teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW and Red Bull? A talk that is ever so inspiring. And oh - Jurriaan is also an authority on leading Agile Transformations.

    Jens Goldmann

    Jens Goldmann

    Lean thinker working at sipgate

    Jens will offer some slots in the Open Space to discuss Agile Transformation leadership at sipgate, Germany's largest VoIP Service providers for consumers and small businesses

  • Open Space

    A massive amount of learning.

    Over 18 different sessions to choose from.


    You are invited to participate, attend or lead these individual sessions.

    Bring your questions or insights to the conference.

    Learn from the community and speakers alike.

    If this is the first time you are attending an Open Space event, you will not only learn about Leading your Agile Transformation, but also see a powerful tool to conduct meetings of pretty much any size.


    Often nicknamed as “Unconference”, the style and format of an Open Space event is uniquely different. Through pure self-organization, Open Space brings agile values to life and it does not come as a surprise that the Agile Alliance created an initiative for open space adoption and hosts their own event using this style world-wide.


    Jochen Krebs will facilitate this Open Space in Munich, which we will dedicate to find answers around Leading your Agile Transformation. Walk away with proceedings, an artifact that will capture our decisions, findings and recommendations. A common theme Jochen hears during the closing of an open space is that attendees are incredibly impressed and moved by how productive and fun an Open Space is.


    Jochen learned his Open Space skills directly from the source: Harrison Owen, the creator of Open Space.

  • The Agenda

    We offer 2 tracks: 1. a 'Leading for Agile Transformation' track and 2. a 'Company track'.

    The agenda allows you to hop from one track to the other.


    And what is most compelling: 

    In the afternoon all speakers and companies participate in the Open Space event.

    Also companies like Sipgate and Bose will join.

    So get inspired in the morning and do a deep dive with the speakers and companies in the afternoon.


    Note: Some tracks are offered in German (watch the German sign)

    April 25

    Warm-Up evening with Jeff Patton


    18:00 - 18:30 | Arrival invitees. Hors d'oeuvres


    18:30 - 19:15 | Spotify

    19:15 - 20:15 | Jeff Patton

    20:15 - 21:00 | Drinks

    April 26

    Conference, Open Space and WorkShops


    08:00 - 09:00 | Arrival invitees



    09:00 - 09:15 | Official kick-off

    09:15 - 10:00 | Key note by Niels Pflaeging


    Visionairs Track Room

    10:15 - 11:00 | Deborah Hartman Preuss

    11:15 - 12:00 | Jurriaan Kamer

    12:15 - 13:00 | Alexander Alarid


    Company Track Room

    10:15 - 11:00 | BMW

    11:15 - 12:00 | ING

    12:15 - 13:00 | Lauri Apple



    13:00 - 14:00 | 3 rooms available

    Possibility to reserve a seat on a lunch table with some of the Speakers.


    Open Space (Jochen Krebs)*

    14:00 - 14:30 | Open Space set-up

    14:30 - 15:00 | Round 1

    15:00 - 15:30 | Round 2

    15:30 - 16:00 | Round 3

    16:00 - 16:30 | Round 4

    16:30 - 16:45 | Break

    17:00 - 17:30 | Closing note


    The Open Space includes:

    *Additional companies, e.g. Sipgate, Bose

    *Workshop by Niels Pflaeging

    *Individual coaching by Deborah (German/English)


    Fun, food and drinks

    17:30 - 20:00 | The 'Beer Garten'

    April 27

    The Master Classes


    09:30 - 10:00 | Arrival invitees.


    10:00 - 10:10 | Kick-off

    10:10 - 14:00 | Master Class (incl. lunch)

    14:00 - 15:00 | Drinks


    We offer both German and English Master Classes. When you sign up, your preference can be indicated.

  • Our Agile Transformation Master Classes

    The Agile community is in town. Let's make use of that opportunity.

    Deep dive in Agile Transformation Leadership

    We are very proud that we can offer you a Master Class on April 27, following and complementing the 2018 Agile Munich event. Since we have the most talented and brightest Agile Transformational experts in town; why not make use of that opportunity?


    In short the Master Class builds upon the Agile Transformation Leadership event. You will have the opportunity to further discuss what you encountered the day before and have the opportunity to do a deep dive with hands-on exercises to boost your Agile Transformation Leadership skills.


    Please note, that If you are interested in a Master Class on another date or e.g. at your own company location, please get in touch with us to explore the opportunities.


    • Summary of the Conference - What are the most prominent insights?
    • Theoretical and hands-on Master Class. The topic will be revealed when we get closer to the event.
    • As the Master Class and Event has to sink in, subsequent virtual 'Lean Coffee' and 'RoundTable' is organized (no cost)
    • Socializing and opportunity to follow through
  • The Venue for Agile Munich 2018

    Münchner Künstlerhaus

    Agile Amsterdam 2017 - An Agile Leadership Conference

    Münchner Künstlerhaus

    Lenbachplatz 8 Munich

    “The house shall be a meeting place for all artists of Munich, a center of cheerfulness, advice and serious deed”, said the charter which was read at the groundbreaking ceremony of Münchner Künstlerhaus in 1893 and which was then sealed in the foundation stone.


    The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus is a central element in the history of Munich. And within walking distance of e.g. the Marienplatz!

    Agile Amsterdam 2017 - An Agile Leadership Conference

    The Rooms

    Rooms that inspire

    The Künstlerhaus has many beautiful and versatile rooms. And this is ideal for Agile Munich 2018, where we scale from an all-together gathering at the key note and the start of the Open Space, towards break-out rooms for the Open Space sessions and on Friday to smaller, modern rooms for the Master Classes.


    Some of our drinks will be in the Foyer with magnificent vaulted ceilings. Check out the website for more pictures.


    Enjoy the city in Spring

    Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is home to centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and its beer halls, including the famed Hofbräuhaus, founded in 1589.


    In the Altstadt (Old Town), central Marienplatz square contains landmarks such as Neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus (town hall), with a popular glockenspiel show that chimes and reenacts stories from the 16th century.

  • Registration and Event Pricing

    We deliver Value. This is our promise to you.


    Conference | 750 Euro *

    Conference & Master Class | 1100 Euro *


    * Includes the optional 25 April evening warm-up with Jeff Patton

    Group Discount

    We provide discount for groups of 4 and more. Please contact us for details.

  • FAQ

    Not all questions can be found here. Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

    ROUTE Münchner Künstlerhaus

    By Car
    Please follow the signs for Munich “Stadtzentrum/Karlsplatz (Stachus)”. Parking is available close by at:
    Vinci Park Garage im Oberpollinger, enter via Maxburgstraße, open 24/7.
    Discounted parking tickets may be obtained from our Event Office upon request prior to the event.

    By Public Transportation
    From main station (“Hauptbahnhof“) with all metropolitan trains (“S-Bahn“) or with subway lines (“U-Bahn“) 4 and 5 (Station: “Karlsplatz (Stachus)”.
    With tram, take line 19 till station “Lenbachplatz“.

    From Munich International Airport
    Direct connection from Munich Airport with “S-Bahn” lines 1 and 8 till station “Karlsplatz (Stachus)”.




    The nearby hotels that we approached, claim that their best prices can be found via the larger hotel sites, such as:

    We therefore recommend to use these booking sites.

    TICKETS and



    On the event itself, please bring your ticket with you so that we can match it up with our records. You will be offered a batch with name tag and company name.


    Theme lunch

    When we get closer to the event, we will contact you to see if you are interested to join a theme lunch with us. We will organize different "theme" tables and this offers you a nice opportunity to meet some other attendees and to discuss your topic of interest.




    Leading up to the event, please note our following refund and cancellation Policy:

    • If you cancel before January 01 2018, you will be refunded your registration fee less a 10% administrative processing fee
    • If you cancel on or after January 01 2018, but before March 01 2018, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee
    • If you cancel on or after March 01 2018 but before April 01, 2018, you will be refunded 25% of your registration fee
    • If you cancel on or after April 01 2018, you will not be eligible for a refund

    At all times you are able to transfer your registration to someone else. Please contact us so that we can maintain our files.

  • About the Agile Munich 2018 Team

    We know Agile. It is in our DNA.

    It is time to find the right questions and the right answers.

    Agile Munich 2018 is your compass.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Jochen Krebs

    Owner of Incrementor. Sponsor to Agile NYC.

    Sponsor to Agile Munich 2018.

    Jochen is a proud sponsor of the Agile NYC conference. After 10 years of success, Jochen decided that it is time to return to his roots. To Germany.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Nils Oud

    Agile Leader. Helping Jochen Krebs with Agile Munich 2018.

    From within my passion for Lean and Agility practices, I commit myself in delivering this topnotch event by Jochen Krebs.

  • Connect with the Agile Munich Team

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