• Agile Powerweek 2019

    The Agile Power Week in Munich October 2019 was a one of its kind training event for organizations and individuals alike.


    For the first time ever, we had organized numerous certification trainings in parallel on OCT 21-22 followed by a combined Keynote + Open Space event on OCT 23.
    The Power Week was targeted towards any 'Scrum stakeholder' in the organization, e.g. Directors, Managers, Product Owners, Scrum masters, Agile coaches and entire Development teams that are looking for a variety of agile training courses at the same time. During breaks and especially during the 3rd day, attendees from the various courses can put their learning experiences back together.
    As a positive side-effect, participants also experienced and learned how to organize and run an Open Space in their organizations.

    Reasons for participation

    1. Train your staff simultaneously in 1 location
    2. An offering of 7(!) essential Scrum.org certified trainings
    3. On the third day, all Scrum roles are put together in context of the entire Scrum framework
    4. Learn how to properly conduct an Open Space
    5. Team building. An exciting keynote and Open Space inspires!