• 3 Unique certified training and learning events!

    1.Agile Powerweek Incrementor (May 5-9)

    2.Agile Trainingweek Munich (June 15-17)

    3.Agile Powerweek Munich 2020 (Nov 9-11)

    Agile Munich nourishes and cultivates the agile mindset

    • A wide array of (new!) Certified Trainings
    • Combine your training with Keynotes and Open Spaces
    • In November a full Conference day, with workshops and an Open Space. Keynote by Jurgen Appelo!

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  • Theme: Agile Learning!

    Agile Munich has turned out into a unique opportunity to obtain your certified training, combined with keynotes, Open Spaces and in November a full conference day

    Who should attend?

    This fourth year of Agile Munich events is targeted towards any Agile stakeholder in the organization, e.g. Directors, Managers, Product Owners, Scrum masters, Agile coaches and entire Development teams that are looking for a variety of agile training courses at the same time. During breaks and especially during the keynote, Open Space and/or Conference day, attendees from the various trainings can put their learning experiences back together.

    Why you should go

    1. Train your staff simultaneously in 1 location
    2. An offering of 9(!) essential Scrum.org and SAFe certified trainings
    3. Connect with expert speakers in the field of Agility and Agile Organizations.
    4. Team building. Although different roles, you are at 1 location!
    5. And very attractive certification pricing, including a 3 day bundle deal
  • Only a few seats left!

    This training is confirmed and will take place in the Marriott location. Both the Marriott and Incrementor ensures all the safety measures are in place to offer this event safely. But it does mean we limit the number of participants, so there are only a few seats left.

  • Trainers

    As we get closer, more trainers will be added to the list

    Jochen (Joe) Krebs


    Jochen (Joe) Krebs is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and an Agile Transformation Coach with Incrementor.


    Joe has delivered Scrum courses and workshops for over 10 years to thousands of participants world-wide. He is the author of the book Agile Portfolio Management and produced the Agile Transformation Kata. He had hundreds of guests on his podcast Agile.FM over the past years.


    As a coach, Joe has led several large organizations and start-up’s alike through a successful agile transformation using Scrum. Incrementor has offices in New York City and Amsterdam.

    Nils Oud


    Nils Oud is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Professional SAFe Trainer and Agile Transformation Coach within Incrementor.


    Prior to Incrementor, in his positions as Agile Delivery Manager and Tribe Lead, Nils founded and managed dozens of Scrum teams, which allows Nils to bring that unique on-the-job experience into his trainings and consulting services.


    Within Incrementor, Nils has delivered many Trainings and Agile Transformation Services to participants world-wide. He recently co-authored with Joe Krebs incrementor's Agile Transformation KATA. Being a professional SAFe trainer and Liberating Structures trainer as well, Nils always brings something additional to his class.


    Nils is truly passionate about Agile and Scrum. He manages large agile communities and agile conferences, such as Agile Amsterdam and Agile Munich. In 2018, Nils achieved his MBA with his thesis ‘Scrum in the classroom’.

    Magdalena Firlit

    Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile transformation consultant

    Magdalena Firlit is a Professional Scrum Trainer and an experienced Agile transformation consultant, mentor, university lecturer and graduated trainer.


    In 2008, during her postgraduate university course, she discovered Scrum as an effective framework and from that time she has been successively learning how to apply Scrum, spread it and improve software development.

    She works worldwide with big companies (+10 000) as well as with medium and small size ones, helping them improve their empirical approach, value delivery, and business agility.


    She also shares her experience widely as an international speaker at conferences and business events. As a creator of the Agile Series at Women in Technology, she provides workshops and teaches all people interested in Scrum and Agility. Magdalena helps also organize Agile conferences, She is a co-organizer the first Liberating Structures meetup in Poland.

    Karel Smutny

    Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Consultant

    Karel is a consultant in agile transformations and organization design, Professional Scrum Trainer, candidate LeSS Trainer and software developer.


    Karel has helped companies on their journeys adopting agile and Scrum with focus on adaptiveness, simple organization design with minimum roles and strong team collaboration and responsibility. He has worked with dozens of companies of various sizes and industries: with turbulent environments of start-ups, with deep self-management, with large scale product development, with near-shore, off-shore and distributed teams.

    I am an experienced and passionate software developer, polyglot, proponent of Extreme Programming and Clean Code and long-time practitioner of Test-Driven Development.


    Benefit from our superb location close to the Ostbahnhof, Munich city center or Franz-Josef-Strauss airport. Contact us for special room rates.

    Agile Amsterdam 2017 - An Agile Leadership Conference

    Courtyard by Marriott

    Orleanstrasse 81-83, 81667 Munich, Germany

    Our ideal location puts you in the heart of Munich City - whether you're in town to discover the sights or conduct business. Choose from our 227 stunning guest rooms and suites at our perfectly connected hotel, combining comfort and functionality.

    Agile Amsterdam 2017 - An Agile Leadership Conference

    The Rooms

    All training takes place in one location

    573 Square meters of event space with modular meeting rooms equipped with the latest event technology. All training takes place in the Mariott; benefit from being there together!



    Enjoy the city

    Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is home to centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The central Marienplatz square contains landmarks such as Neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus (town hall). Visit a beer garden or it's famous Victuals Market.


    • 1,295 Euro for any of the 2-day certified trainings

    • 1,495 Euro for any of the 3-day certified trainings + the 1-day Open Space with keynote training

    • 200 Euro for the 1-day Open Space with keynote training

    We always grant group discounts. Please contact us at: noud@incrementor.com


  • FAQ

    Training Venue Directions

    Please follow Marriott's webpage to obtain the most recent and accurate directions:



    Class Changes

    As an organizer, it is our commitment to attract as many students as possible for our offfered classes so that learning is optimal.


    However, sometimes it is beyond our control that in a highly exceptional case a certain class may not attract enough particiants for a meaningful learning. When this happens, we are committed to inform our students at least 4 weeks ahead of the anticipated start date, offer the registered students an alternative discounted learning track and when this is not feasible or accepted by the registered student, refund the ticket price entirely and immediately.

    Certified Trainers

    As an organizer, we are comitted to assign a qualified Scrum.org and SAFe licensed trainer to our classes.


    As all our trainers are of the highest standards, we exercise the right to assign a specific trainer to a class as we deem most appropriate. This means that a last minute change in trainer may be possible.

    Tickets & Theme lunch


    On the event itself, there is no need to bring your ticket with you. We use a guest list.


    Theme lunch

    When we get closer to the event, we will contact you to see if you are interested to join a theme lunch with us. We will organize different "theme" tables and this offers you a nice opportunity to meet some other attendees and to discuss your topic of interest.

    Code Of Conduct

    All Agile Munich community members are expected to comply with our Agile Munich Code of Conduct:

    • We drive toward equality and inclusion of diversity representation, expertise and involvement. We value diverse idea representation to empower the Agile Munich community and we believe everyone is better off when more ideas are shared.
    • In support of this mission, Agile Munich 2020 ensures a respectful, safe and inclusive environment for everyone. We encourage everyone to help in creating a welcoming and safe environment.

    If you notice any concerns, please contact the Agile Munich event organizers and/or email to events@agilemunich.com


    With the current Covid-19 virus, we will be flexible with refunds and vouchers.


    At all times you are able to transfer your registration to someone else.


    If you want to transfer your ticket, please contact us so that we can maintain our files.

    Hotel Deal

    At the Marriott you receive a discount of 10%. Contact us for details.




    Incrementor are trusted advisors that consult clients on enabling true, powerful agile processes.


    For the past 10 years we have worked with the coolest brands and most innovative companies world-wide. We instilled agile processes through a unique blend of training and coaching services that helped our customers to be more productive, successful and fun to work for.



    Jochen Krebs

    Lead Trainer: Jochen Krebs

    Owner of Incrementor. Sponsor to Agile NYC, Agile Amsyterdam and Agile Munich.


    Joe is a proud sponsor of Agile NYC, Agile Amsterdam and Agile Munich. Joe's roots are found in Germany. His email address is jkrebs@incrementor.com.

    Nils Oud

    Program lead & Trainer: Nils Oud

    Agile Leader, trainer, advisor and coach. Passionate about the Munich Agile Community.

    From within his passion for Lean and Agility practices, Nils commits himself in nourishing and cultivating the Agile mindset. His email address is noud@incrementor.com.