• Agile Munich 2018

    The crowd was unanimous positive!

    Some of the many positive testimonials on LinkedIn

    'Really good times at Agile Munich 2018' - Timo Toivonen

    'Thanks for this amazing event and you managed to get all these Y people together. Looking forward for further events like this.' - Knut Haberkant

    'insights for agile transformation and inspiring talks with agile & sympathic people' - Katja Bauer

    Photos and presentations

    Photo's and presentations of Agile Munich 2018

    We always provide quality photo's and all presentations of the speakers on the event. Follow this link to view all of them.

    Master Classes

    Photo's and presentations

    Our Master Classes are fun, hands-on and with the intend to bring learnings back to your organization.


    'Thank you very much, Jurriaan, for your inspiring keynote and the great hands-on workshop, providing lots of good and "safe to try" practices for real agility in any team, no matter if it's software developers or executive board members' - Alexander Kraus